Shower Steamers Lavender 300 Grams by All Things Jill

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A good shower offers a few minutes of quiet, solitude and peace. Enhance these benefits by adding a Lavender shower steamer! Packed with pure lavender essential oil, it will fizz away as you wash, scrub and rinse, releasing the soothing scent into the steam as it does. There s no easier way to create a calming, gentle aromatherapy experience during your daily shower. Like the more commonly known bath bomb, these shower-time buddies are one of our very best sellers! Use for one long shower, or two quick ones! These make a great addition to any gift, or a stand-alone stocking stuffer.

Product Benefits


Free Of:Egg,Dairy,Mustard,Wheat Gluten,Peanuts,Soy,Sesame,Peanuts,Sulfites,Tree Nuts.


Place one (or a few, if you're feeling fancy) on the floor of your shower away from the direct stream of water and turn on the water to your preferred temperature (warmer is better). The shower steam will soon release the scented oils into the air; breathe deeply and relax.

Special Note

Free Of:Egg,Dairy,Mustard,Wheat Gluten,Peanuts,Soy,Sesame,Peanuts,Sulfites,Tree Nuts.


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